What is Bounters

Bounters is a casual multiplayer arena shooter game.

Players are deploying into the game field with non-lethal firearm replica laser weapons.
There are lootboxes containing special coins 'Loobie'. Collect them as many as you can, and transfer to save it as your score.
The loobies collected from the field can be dropped after other player takes you down.
The player who has highest score wins the match.

Main Gameplay

Gear Up

Get your weapons that you love to use, or best to use. 

Grenades, and ammos are provided when player is deployed on the game field.


Special coin called 'Loobie' are stored in containers around the game field.

Find and collect them. 

Transfer them before other players take you down. If taken down, you will lose it and others can take your collected loobies.

Fight & Exit

Fight and take down enemies to survive and keep your loobies.

If you lose, you will drop all loots you got from the field.

So, either win the fight, or find safe spot to transfer your loobies before losing.

Planned Features

Custom Field Creator

Any talented or creative players can create their own Bounters field.

Player Customization

Wear various clothes to customize yourself. Also, coloring the clothes will be implemented.

Also, you can change skin color of player. 

Steam Workshop

Custom fields, player clothes design, crosshair and hitmarker shape will be shared on Steam Workshop.

More Weapons

Weapons are the main component of the combat. Various weapons will make each combat more unique.

Find the weapon that you like.

More Attachments

Attachments will make the weapon easier to aim and control the recoil. Choose appropriate attachments for your desired combat.

More Customizations

Customize yourself with clothes, helmets, and armors. Become either tactical or meme. You are free to be whatever you want.

Weapon Presets

Weapon presets will reduce time to set up attachments by setting preset and load them in game.

More Tweakable Game Rules

Server host can tweak the given game rule configurations to make their own gamemodes. 

More tweakable configs will make more various custom gamemodes.

Day & Night Time

Daytime and nighttime of the field will be set by either server host, or players can vote for next round.

Players might want to consider different loadout for each times.